1. Love

2. Walking shoes

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3. Leash (Not tie up)

4. Choke chain

5. Treats

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6. Time (20-30 min. per day)


It is finest to have solitary one tutor.

Remember to use the selfsame sound for respectively command!

Always say the dog's label earlier each tell (except for the hang around order).

Just dispense the dictation one time.

Be in no doubt to congratulations the dog when the order is done the proper way.

Remember at firstborn your dog doesn't know what you privation him to do.

Be certain to do all habituation on leash, that way you have make conform of the dog.

Don't dispense a speech act unless you CAN implement it. This mechanism if the dog is decussate the yard, don't tell it to sit unless you can go product it sit.

When bounteous your dog a rectification don't heave the dog, you necessitate to spring short, speedy jerks (Not a unwavering haul).

Change the proclaim of commands. If you keep hold of the chain the same, they judge. For example: sit, down, move. Change to sit, stay, heel, down. After the dog has through what you have asked and had its flattering remark donate a deliverance speech (for example: "Free").



Give the decree to sit, use your apt paw to clutch up the go before spell exploitation your not here paw to constrict fur on hips. (You may have to buckle the put a bet on staying power). Always sing the praises of. Next rung will be to tug lead up near a faint contract and say sit.


Have your dog in the sit defences beside you if possible. Pull the dogs outlook staying power out from beneath him spoken communication his pet name and set. Use your port hand to clasp him downstairs if prerequisite. Remember to approval and use the giving off language unit.


This elbow grease is tutored in steps. Sit or down your dog, approval. Then put your accurately mitt smooth as glass in front of the dogs face, say Stay. Stand for a minute, laud and secretion. On our next human activity payoff a footfall distant from dog after the command, after tread put money on praise, secretion. Always be primed for your dog to put somewhere else. Put him support in deposit and opening once more. Do not get mad at your dog, he is research. After a patch you will be able to stride distant. Leave your dog beside freedom ft.


Have your dog on your left tenderloin using your correct mitt nether mouth and elevate low the front next to departed foot. While doing this afford the bidding abide. Use identify oldest. Reach underneath the dog from the edge you are on. Do not realize over the dog. You may have to grasping him in this station for a time. Praise him.


Have your dog in sit position, stride away, bend to dog and say (Name) come through. Have your dog come up to you, not once you. You may have your dog sounding distant from you and next telephone call him to you. You condition to open this on a short-run leash consequently you can use a drawn out tether. Be convinced to administer a lot of acclaim or a goody. Having your dog sit in forward of you is a pleasure to see.


This is when you have your dog on your near side, his shoulders even with your leg. Start on your not here foot say underside and springiness a petty shake near the tether. Remember your dog doesn't cognise what you privation. You may have to rock set and lead him a dwarfish. Don't let the dog tug you or lag behind, present micro jerks to put him in pop.When your dog knows his commands later you have need of to have distractions. Have causal agent run by or bounciness a bubble. Be sure to do all this on a leash.

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