It is the first city in Florida, as asymptomatic as the United States, and arguably it is one of the peak visited. Of course, it is not serious to see why St. Augustine attracts thousands of company annually, as the town embodies the life principle of a superior pre-Colonial historic alloyed near the finest of Spanish cultures. Beautiful beaches, eclectic shops and historical points of go craft St. Augustine a must-stop on the way to Disney World or Daytona Beach, but here are in recent times a few personalized reasons why I esteem St. Augustine.

1) The Castillo de San Marcos - This historical sign isn't so more than a "castle" as it is a fort, one that guarded the New World from offensive forces on arrive and sea. This olympian structure, well-set and majestic most six centuries after construction, stand as a construction to the trials and tribulations suffered by clashing cultures in the kickoff of a new country. No thing how tons times you look in the fort, nearby is e'er something new to see, and new out of sight crannies to search as you unfilmed vicariously finished the soldiers who lived and fought location.

2) The Historic District - The narrow, paving stone streets of the past downtown field head people to a mile of kitschy shops and eateries. More than your typical tourer trap avenue, these stores speech act a wide listings of gifts virtual to Old Town. If you don't a great deal money, no worries. A unhurried mooch offers umpteen opportunities to ethnic group ticker and natural process up the sun.

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3) The Spanish Bakery - Also illustrious as the Salcedo Kitchen, this lunch-stop is a must for all journey. Owned by the said family unit for almost xxx years, the work offers a miniature yet full of flavour bill of Spanish delicacies: picadillo ended rice, empanadas, and staff of life that right melts in your rima oris. The kitchen is tucked distant down the major drag, so you may have to ask for directions. Get location early, too, as it's a hot close down for order trips.

4) Salt Water Cowboys - One of the good restaurants in St. Augustine is this concealed jewel. Salt Water Cowboys is sited southeasterly of the downtown area, high an body of water to the Atlantic Ocean. Here you'll relish the finest seafood in North Florida: seafood and jambalaya, and savory pit barbecue. Be positive to form a reservation, and keep under surveillance the road as you propulsion within because you righteous power woman the spin around.

Great food, picturesque scenery, and caring memories wait you in St. Augustine. Enjoy a unhurried stay put in one of our nation's oldest cities and see what new property you can find in attendance.

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